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Lumbini Master Plan

A perfect companion on your spiritual Journey

Indulge in a spiritual journey with us.

Lumbini is a popular and holy pilgrimage site in the world, best known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Hokke is located in a tranquil area of Lumbini and is within walking distance of the Sacred Garden, providing an immeasurable cultural, spiritual, and a blend of Japanese and modern atmosphere.

The Lumbini Hokke hotel was built by Japan's Hokke Club Ltd, a hotel chain with a 100 percent investment agreement with Lumbini Development Trust. The hotel began operations on January 10, 1991, under Japanese management, with the goal of providing the best comfort and services to tourists from all over the world.


The hotel has 27 well-appointed rooms, 24 of which are western-style and three of which are Japanese tatami rooms. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are well-equipped with modern amenities.

Japanese Tatami Style Room

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Japanese Tatami Style Room

Provides a personal footprint of 130 SqM and a living space of 55 SqM Each room was designed to give you a taste of traditional Japanese living by including a private water-garden courtyard, a private garden, an indoor-outdoor bathroom space, and a sun deck with seating for personal dining.

Western Style Room

Specially created to give you a luxurious and chic vibe. Our western style rooms feature a king-size or twin beds, air conditioning, work space, and a spacious closet with a modern interior design and an en-suite bathroom.