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Sightseeing Around Lumbini

Lumbini, the holy birthplace of Siddartha Gautam (Buddha), is a pilgrimage site with a number of older temples, including Mayadevi temple, World peace pagoda, Cambodia monastery, Gautami Nuns temple as well as a number of new temples and monasteries funded by Buddhist organizations from around the world. Puskarini, or Holy Pond, is a well-known location where Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where he took his first bath. You can also see the Ashoka pillar, which was built to commemorate Emperor Ashok’s visit to the holy place. The holy site also contains numerous monuments, monasteries, and a museum, as well as the Lumbini International Research Institute. The cool shade of the trees and the gentle breeze created by the fluttering of the prayer flags create a tranquil atmosphere in which guests can meditate.

Lumbini Museum

Located near the main entrance to the sacred garden Area of Lumbini, Lumbini Museum is an anchor that sets the stage and enhances your experience of Nepal’s most sacred site.


Comprising the display of significant artifacts and architecture from the historic period, one can observe, live and feel the history with a sense of satisfaction looking at the magical journey of Buddha from his birth in Lumbini to Buddhism.


This ancient kingdom of Shakya’s is located in Nepal’s flat lands near the ancient Bhagirathi River, now known as the Banganga.

This was once the kingdom of late Suddhodana, father of Siddartha Gautam, where he spent precious 29 years of his life before enlightenment.

Come experience Buddha’s tranquility in the thoughtfully conserved remnants of the Kingdom, and be a part of his journey to Nirvana.

World Peace Pagoda

Located outside the main compound, but easily accessible by bike, the impressive gleaming-white World Peace Pagoda, one of the world’s greatest stupas, was constructed by Japanese Buddhists at a cost of US$1 million. The shining golden statue depicts the Buddha in the posture he assumed when he was born. Near the base of the stupa is the grave of a Japanese monk murdered by anti-Buddhist extremists during the construction of the monument.

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